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RotaTrim Rotary Trimmers

Rotatrim is the world's largest specialist manufacturer of rotary trimmers.

This British company makes award winning cutters which are internationally renowned for their durability, versatility and above all, safety. RotaTrim use only the finest Sheffield tungsten steel to ensure that every Rotatrim will give a lifetime's trouble free cutting, and this is backed up by the unique Rotatrim 5 year guarantee and a lifetime's labour free servicing.

Below are selections of RotaTrim rotary trimmers with an even larger selection available at ABT. View our full range of RotaTrim rotary trimmers.


Rotatrim T1250 When it comes to cutting digital media, posters, banners and vinyl materials, you need a heavy-duty rotary paper cutter. The RotoTrim T1250 can cut materials up to 4mm thick and 99” in length. The RotoTrim T1250 is part of the RotoTrim technical series. Therefore, it is easy to use.
This paper cutter comes complete with a foot-operated switch, a square guide rail for precision, and a transparent clamp strip to hold materials in place. The rotary cutting blade is self sharpening and even offers a two-way cutting option. The RotoTrim T1250 rotary trimmer is also durable. Constructed out of durable metal, the T1250 can handle any task at hand. Click here for the RotoTrim T1250.
RotaTrim T1550

The RotaTrim T1550 rotary paper cutter is a medium-duty guillotine capable of taking care of all of your paper cutting and trimming needs. This durable paper trimmer is fastened to a sturdy aluminum baseboard that is 11” in width. The baseboard extends to 28” so that you can work with larger materials.

The RotaTrim T1550 has a cutting length of 61 inches. The cutting wheel is made out of self-sharpening tungsten steel which is capable of cutting or trimming materials with a thickness of up to .75mm. A 1 ½” guide bar made of durable steel helps you align materials for a perfect cut every time. Learn more about the RotaTrim T1550.

RotaTrim DT 2500

The RotaTrim DT2500 is a powerful, medium-duty paper cutting machine. This rotary trimmer is perfect for cutting paper materials of all sizes. The cutting length of the RotaTrim DT2500 paper cutter is 99 inches. If you need to cut larger materials, simply pull out the extension rods to add up to 28 inches.

The RotaTrim DT2500 electric paper cutter is easy to use. A clamp bar holds materials in place while the self-sharpening wheel glides along the guide bar for a perfect cut every time. When you’re done trimming, simply release the clamp bar and gather your perfectly trimmed materials. Click here for the RotaTrim DT2500.


If you need a heavy-duty electric paper trimmer, the RotaTrim T1850 has what you need. The RotaTrim T1850 guillotine office machine is constructed out of durable metal and is capable of handling all of your paper cutting and trimming needs. The steel self-sharpening cutting wheel can cut materials up to 4mm thick. The cutting length of this office paper cutter is 73 inches.

The RotaTrim T1850 paper cutter is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is align the paper that needs to be cut and clamp it in place. A 1 ½” steel guide guarantees a perfect cut, and a foot pedal makes the RotaTrim T1850 very user friendly. Learn more about the RotaTrim T1850

RotaTrim T2150 If you need a precise, heavy-duty paper trimmer, you need the RotaTrim T2150. This technical paper trimmer is perfect for all trimming jobs that require accuracy and precision. Able to perfectly slice through any flexible material up to 4mm thick, the RotaTrim T2150 can be used to trim CDs, posters, vinyl and banners.

The unique triple roller rotary cutting wheel of the RotaTrim T2150 is self adjusting and can cut through thin, delicate films and foils without ripping them. In fact, the RotaTri T2150 paper trimmer guarantees a clean, shard-free cut regardless of the type of material being trimmed. Learn more about the RotaTrim T2150.

RotaTrim T2500 The RotaTrim T2500 paper trimmer is a technical paper trimmer capable of precisely trimming all sorts of materials including paper, vinyl, plastic, CDs, card stock and more. The RotaTrim T2500 can also cut thin materials such as plastic sheeting and tissue paper without tearing.

The Cut dimensions of the RotaTrim T2500 office paper trimmer are 114” in length and 14” in width. The cut is 99” in length and the thickness of the cut can be up to 4mm. This RotaTrim paper trimmer is built from durable materials that will not warp, crack or distort. This ensures a perfect cut every time you use the trimmer. Learn more about the RotaTrim T2500.

RotaTrim PT650 If your work requires a heavy-duty, high-precision trimmer, the RotaTrim PT650 rotary electric paper trimmer has what you need. The belt-driven cutting technology of this paper trimmer cuts easily through all sorts of materials including heavy duty materials such as vinyl, posters, CDs, plastic and more. If you need to trim fine and delicate materials, the RotaTrim PT650 can handle these materials as well.

The RotaTrim PT650 is constructed completely out of durable metal that will not distort, warp or crack. The RotaTrim PT650 can cut materials up to 650mm in length and 44mm thick. A squared guide helps keep all cuts precise. Learn more about the RotaTrim PT650.

RotaTrim PT950 The belt-driven cutting head of the RotaTrim PT950 electric paper trimmer is ideal for continuous cutting jobs. If your cut job requires a heavy duty trimmer that can slice through thick materials like butter, the RotaTrim PT950 is for you. But don’t let the heavy duty nature of this power rotary trimmer fool you. It can also slice through delicate materials such as foils and plastic films without tearing them.

The RotaTrim PT950 is constructed out of durable metals that will not warp or distort. The cutting length of this trimmer is 950mm or 38in. It is capable of cutting tough and delicate materials up to 4mm in thickness. Learn more about the RotaTrim PT950.

Rotatrim pt1250

The PT1250 is perfect for display or exhibition applications, finishing of all digital media, and fast accurate dead straight trimming of pop-ups, encapsulated posters, vinyls and banners.

Additionally, this versatile rotary trimmer is equally at home with thin films and foils due to the unique, self adjusting triple roller cutting head. It also has a unique self sharpening Sheffield tungsten steel cutting wheel and counterblade.

Learn more about the PT1250

RotaTrim PT1550 The RotaTrim PT1550 electric power trimmer is perfect for all heavy-duty trim jobs. Capable of slicing through tough materials such as plastic, vinyl, CDs, leather and more, the RotaTrim PT1550 is manufactured for heavy duty, continuous use. The RotaTrim PT1550 paper trimmer is guaranteed not to warp, crack or distort. But don’t let its tough exterior fool you. This RotaTrim Powertech trimmer can also cut delicate materials such as foils and tissue paper without ripping them.

The RotaTrim PT1550 electric trimmer is also convenient. It comes complete with a powered foot pedal so that you can have both hands free during the trimming process.

Rotatrim PT1850 Durability, precision, power and delicateness can all be yours when you own a RotaTrim PT1850 electric rotary paper trimmer. Regardless of what material you need to trim, the RotaTrim PT1850 performs admirably each and every time. With this power trimmer you get clean, shard-free cuts on materials as varied as leather, vinyl, CDs, tissue paper, foil, plastic, film and more.

The RotaTrim PT1850 paper trimmer will not warp or distort. A transparent strip holds materials in place. Or you can use the convenient powered foot pedal to cut free hand. This trimmer cuts materials up to 73” in length and 4mm thick. Learn more about the RotaTrim PT1850

RotaTrim PT2150 Are you required to perform numerous large trimming jobs in your line of work? If so, you need a RotaTrim PT2150 rotary trimmer in your office. Constructed of durable metals, the RotaTrim PT2150 paper trimmer is guaranteed to never warp, crack or distort. This ensures a perfect cut every time.

Regardless of the types of materials that you trim, the RotaTrim PT2150 can cut them precisely. You can power through tough vinyl and plastic with just a small amount of pressure on the powered foot petal. Need to trim something delicate? The Rota Trim PT2150 can also trim delicate foil and tissue paper without tearing. Learn more about the Rota Trim PT2150

RotaTrim PT2500 The RotaTrim PT2500 is an electric powered rotary trimmer that is capable of cutting through thick materials such as plastic, vinyl, CDs, banners, leather, posters and more. The RotaTrim PT2500 office paper trimmer can also handle delicate materials that need to be cut precisely without tearing.

The RotaTrim PT2500 is constructed out of durable metals that will not warp or distort in any way. The rotary blade is self sharpening, so maintenance is minimal. With the RotaTrim PT2500 you can cut lines to 2500mm in length and 4mm in thickness. A square rail guide helps ensure a clean, even cut every time. Learn more about the RotaTrim PT2500

Rotatrim AS800 If you need to cut rolled stock paper, film, vinyl, plastic, printed material or any other type of bulk, rolled material into pre-sized sheets, the RotaTrim AS800 automatic electric paper trimmer is the machine you need. The RotaTrim Auto Sheeter quickly and automatically cuts all bulk rolled materials into sheet form.

The cross cutting action of the RotaTrim AS800 paper cutter can cut sheets up to 800mm in width and 1mm in thickness. A user friendly keypad allows you to select the length of the cut and quantity. Once you enter all information and feed the roll into the trimmer, the RotaTrim AS800 takes care of everything automatically. Learn more about the AS800

Rotatrim AS1600 The RotaTrim AS1600 Autosheeter will convert almost any roll stock – paper, film, vinyl, plastic – into sheet form, quickly, accurately and automatically.

Simply key in sheet length and batch quantity required, for rapid cross-cutting of full width images up to 1600mm. Learn more about the RotaTrim AS1600 Autosheeter.

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