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Paper Guillotines

To choose the best paper guillotine for your office, craft room or home office, you need to think about how you will use the paper cutter. How often will you use it? How much paper do you wish to cut at one time? How thick is the paper material that you want to cut? By answering these questions you will be more prepared to choose the right paper guillotine when you shop for one. View our range of Paper Guillotines.


Paper Guillotines UK


There are many different types of paper guillotines. The simplest guillotines are those that you were probably introduced to in art class in elementary school. These manual paper guillotines are basically a ruled metal block with a cutting lever at the end. To use this type of guillotine, all you do is put the paper or stack of papers that you wish to cut on the metal block, line it up with the ruled lines, and push down the lever to cut through the paper. With this type of paper guillotine, you can cut several sheets of paper with one stroke. Click here for our Paper Guillotines.

Guillotines with safety features have began to replace the basic model. Safety guillotines can be found in schools, offices and homes. They perform basically the same function. The only difference is that the cutting lever has been replaced with a sliding cutter that is completely encased so that it is impossible to accidently cut oneself with the machine. Learn more about paper guillotines.


Paper Guillotne UK


If you cut a lot of paper, card stock, forms, brochures, etc., an electric paper guillotine may be more suited for the job. Electric guillotines are more expensive than the manual variety but they are capable of cutting large amounts of materials quickly, efficiently and with very little effort on your part. Electric guillotines are perfect for offices that prepare a large amount of reports or bound materials. Take a look at our Electric Guillotines.

Taking care of the admin side of your business can be time-consuming and dull. If you own your own business or conduct business out of your home, you probably want to hurry up and get done with the paper work and get out and do what you do best, making money. Or maybe, you work in an office and perform the same tasks every day. No matter what your circumstances may be, you want the best office machines to make tedious tasks quick and painless. Paper guillotines can help you do this.


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