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Guillotine Safety



Each year, serious accidents occur, due to unguarded or poorly maintained guillotine machines.

In 1999 the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) published a guide specifically discussing guillotine paper cutter safety. The guide states that if you have a power operated paper cutting guillotine then regular checks by both the operator and guillotine engineers is not only neccessary but now required by law.

At ABT we not only offer you a wide selection of paper guillotines of all sizes but we also have our own team of competent guillotine engineers who can carry out these necessary and compulsory safety checks.

Many accidents at power-operated guillotines occur when they are not properly used or maintained. All operators must receive instruction and training in the safe use of the guillotine. At ABT we are able to provide you with this necessary training.

Guillotine Safety Checks:

Safety inspections should be carried out daily or monthly on your guillotine and by a trained and competent guillotine engineer.

Six-monthly inspections, including all safety components (eg brakes, clutches, interlocks, switches and cams) stopping performance and gauging pressure, need to be carried out by a competent guillotine engineer.

You will be glad to know that we not only supply a large range of guillotines but we are also qualified to carry out these required guillotine safety checks for you.

If you would like to speak to one of our guillotine safety engineers for advice about this please feel free to call us on: 020 8694 2716.

Download a copy of the HSE Guillotine Safety Guide


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