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A2 Guillotine and Paper Trimmers


Basic Facts and Features

If you are in need of a A2 guillotine or A2 paper trimmer then why not visit our main site where you will find a large collection of paper guillotines to suit your needs, and budget. Available are A2 rotary trimmers , A2 desktop guillotines as well as A heavy duty and electric guillotines.

Typically A2 gullotines have a cut length of between 61 and 80 cm's depending on your choice of paper cutter , the brand and specifications. With our desktop and rotary A2 cutters you will easily be able to slice precisely through a stack of paper up to 3 cm in thickness. Should you require a paper cutter that has the capacity to slice through a greater number of sheets then consider our range of A2 heavy duty and A2 electric guillotines.

A2 Guillotine of the Week

A3 paper trimmer

Acco Rexel SmartCut A535 Pro 3 in 1A2 Rotary Trimmer

The very easy to use Acco Rexe A535 A2 Trimmer has a clever dial-a-blade turn mechanism which allows you to either trim , score or perforate up to 30 sheets at a time. The handy paper guides in both metric and inches allows you to work with all sizes of paper , from A2 right through to A7. It has a bi-directional trim action wihich will save time, is sytlish and built with a durable metal base, and above all is easy and safe to use. An affordable and worthy choice ideal for most small but busy offices. Learn more about the Acco Rexel A535 Trimmer.

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